Every Day Prayer Focus

Day 1 Church Service Prayer
Day 2 Our leaders- Nation ,State, and City (I Tim 2:1-2)
Day 3 Our Pastors, church staff, volunteers ,small group leaders, directors, ministry leaders.
Day 4 Our region (Hanover Township, all neighboring communities and every town we draw from)
Day 5 Our Nation- Repentance, healing, revival and unity in America
Day 6 Our World -Ukraine, international missions in our partner countries as well as new areas, the Gospel in Israel
Day 7 Saturday Prayer
Day 8 Church service prayer
Day 9 The lost- those attending services, sphere of influence, family members
Day 10 Impact Groups – New ministry leadership, group leaders(returning and new) , members, real life change
Day 11 Growth Track, Next Step Discipleship program, expanded ministry teams-leadership and team leader development, covering over every leader, fresh vision.
Day 12 For explosion in Build, Purpose Youth and the Vine; participants and volunteers
Day 13 Arrow Academy ,Arrow Daycare, PreK-4…manifested fruit of sown seed ;Students in Public Schools
Day 14 Saturday Prayer
Day 15 Church Service prayer
Day 16 Families Marriages
Day 17 Our Church vision for 2023(January theme:”Thirst”);Accelerating execution ,Growing our families, growing our children, reaching our community.
Day 18 My personal vision for 2023-freedom from habits, debt; relationships, ministry, reaching my full potential.
Day 19 Personal freedom and deliverance – breakthrough in every area!
Day 20 Our specific needs ( finances, health, family members to be saved and other personal needs). Pray for the sick; Pray for those who are shut in
Day 21 Closing service prayer